Saturday, September 29, 2007

We have a Winner!

As a follow up on the cursed yarn post I think we have a winner. I spent yesterday evening starting this cute little baby star afghan and it seems that the yarn curse may be broken!

The free pattern for this is:

I have to say the first portion went really fast. Since I've been mostly knitting I forgot how fast crochet goes (and how much yarn it takes, I'm already halfway through the first skein). It was so addicting with this yarn seeing what color each round would end up being and how it would look up against the previous rounds. I really am having a hard time putting the project down except for the fact that I have practically worn a blister on my finger that isn't used to crocheting as much anymore. Also, listening to Pride & Prejudice again was making it go fast as well. I start thinking that maybe I should go to bed and think "When this chapter is done." Then I finish the chapter, but the round isn't done, so I end up getting into another chapter and keep going until the end of a round and the end of a chapter coincide or I just practically fall asleep crocheting. I think I'll have to use this technique when I get down to the late night Christmas knitting/crocheting.

This pattern is so easy that you don't really have to keep the written pattern handy after the first couple of rows. Basically you are decreasing and increasing in the same places every round. I plan to do quite a few more rows than the pattern calls for to make a full size baby blanket. I have to give the author, Beth Parsons, props for her clear directions and well written pattern. There is nothing more annoying than getting an hour into a pattern and finding out that the directions aren't clear. I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone, especially if you have this Colorspun self striping yarn it's really perfect for this pattern.

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