Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby girl & Shows

Another post on the bunnies: Here is a picture of Mackenzie and Fluffy.

Can you tell they love each other?! She got so mad at me that I groomed her bunny the other day that she took the brush back out and re-groomed her. She also made a point to tell me that Fluffy is much calmer about being groomed when she does it, not me. Since Fluffy is only 9 weeks old she isn't very calm when I groom her, but Mackenzie is right Fluffy sits still when she does it.

So, the whole rabbit project started over a year ago with me wanting an Angora for the wool because of my spinning obsession. At the time I couldn't find anything closer than 4 hours to me so I put it on hold due to the high gas prices. Then, my son raised a pig through FFA and showed it at the Kern County Fair this past summer. While we were watching him Mackenzie discovered the rabbit barn and fell in love. I told her that she will most likely have this rabbit until she is a teenager so she really needed to make a good decision. Both her (she googled a bunch of stuff on rabbits and found all kinds of information that I didn't even think she was capable of understanding at 7 years old) and I did a lot of research and took a couple of months to come to the point of purchasing her 4H rabbit. We decided she would get a smaller breed for easier handling. Then we went to a rabbit show in Lancaster, walked all the way around looking at what was available, and she ended up back at the first bunny she looked at.

It was at that show that we really started to understand the world of rabbit shows. I was under the impression that this was a once a year County Fair thing. Boy was I wrong! We talked about it and both want to show our bunnies on a regular basis. So, I looked at what shows are still happening in 2008 and the two I was really interested in are on the same weekend. This weekend we will be driving about 2 hours south to go to a show in Pomona, and then the next day about 2 hours (from home) north to Fresno. I guess what happens at those two shows will determine what we will be doing the rest of the year. Her bunny is still a little young to be showing, but I want to get our feet wet.

We definitely have bunny fever now! As anyone who knows me more than 5 minutes can tell I do everything about 110%. Now we are looking into breeding and also getting enough angoras to create and sell a line of angora sock yarn.

Not to be left out here is a picture of Milky Way resting after being groomed (you know it takes a lot out of a Diva to look so beautiful).

I'll post about the show and pictures afterward.

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