Thursday, November 27, 2008

Show Results Pomona and 11/22/08

Before I get into my show results I wanted to post a link to the cutest baby pictures ever. These are baby Lionhead rabbits which I think end up being the cutest of all rabbits when they are babies. Here's the link: Even if you don't have a Lionhead you can appreciate the cuteness of the pictures.

Ok, back to the shows. We went to Pomona on November 22, 2008 as our first show that we were entered in. The first thing we did is traumatize this cute little bunny (above) by getting her ear tattoo. I had to make it worse by picking a long tattoo for a bun with very short ears. The problem is I research too much and had read an article about what info to put in the tattoo. It never occurred to me that the person who wrote the article could have something like a Flemish Giant or a Lop, not a breed with specific dq's for long ears. Oh well, she is fine now and it all fit.

Second thing we did is go get an ex-pen so that we could spring the poor babies from their bunny prison otherwise known as their transport cage. Here is Fluffy & then Milky Way in their lower security bunny prison:

It's funny when we have both of them together everyone stops and thinks they are mother and daughter because of their size difference. Milky has started getting territorial with everyone except Fluffy, so I think maybe they think so too. It's too funny to watch Fluffy cuddle up to Milky or Milky to go lay over Fluffy. You can't really distinguish who is who at that point.

Ok, so Milky was entered in both A & B show for English Angora Junior doe. Here is her second show:

Here she is being judged:This is her deciding between Milky and her sister with the cute tassels. Also my breeder, Denise Barnes, is the one clerking. She was the one who talked me into showing Milky when I was originally just buying her for wool.

I love this picture because this is where Milky got her second leg! She won 1st and Best of Breed in both shows. I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures of the first one, but it was probably nerves.

This is Milky's sister who got second. I love her furnishings. She's got the cutest bangs and tassels. Hopefully Milky's will get as full as hers.

Now to the not so great news that Fluffy got dq'd in her show. I figured that was possible, but wanted to hear the judges comments so it was still worth it. We got some really good feedback on her so I can't wait until her mane is ready to show. I think she is possibly 2 weeks away judging by how it looks this week. I can totally see the difference in her mane and the rest of her fuzzy body, but I see her every day and can see her changes. Here are her show pics :

Talk about bunny prison!

There was a cavie show at the same time and as Mackenzie and I walked by we noticed something weird about one of these three:

Here is me after all is said and done spinning and waiting for the Best in Show judging.

I'll post more later. Thanks for stopping by!

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