Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reviving the blog!

I haven't been doing a lot of posting and kind of forgot about the blog. Now I have a totally new reason to be posting: Bunnies! My daughter and I entered the realm of show bunnies this month by purchasing an English Angora bunny and a Lion Head bunny. What else would a knitter and spinner do with the angora bunny but use it to spin?!

When we brought the bunnies home the kitten, Harley, (we had just rescued from being abandoned by it's momma outside our yard) was really upset at these things hopping around and on her. By the time the little Lion head, Fluffy, decided to take a nap in Harley's house she had given up. Within a few minutes Harley and Fluffy were cuddling:

My English Angora already had a name that I liked: Milky Way. She was born in July of this year and was in need of grooming. I got a great deal on her paying only a fraction of what I would expect for this type of bunny. Although, with all of the precious buns at the Lancaster show we went to I probably would have picked another one if the price was higher. I'm so glad it worked out the way it did. She is a beautiful girl now that she is groomed and will become more beautiful as her fur comes back in where I had to cut out the matts. Her personality is so cute! Most of the time she just lays on my lap, but she has what I think of as a teenager attitude. She gets upset at carrots and after taking a few munches she'll try to throw them away from her. She also gets upset at the baby keys I got for her. It's so funny when she throws them away from her & out of her crate if the door is open. Here is a pic of her cuteness sitting on my lap. If you look in the upper left hand corner of the picture you'll see my chihuahua (Daisy) pouting because the rabbit took her place on my lap:

I am so loving this bunny thing that I'm considering starting a breeding and wooler program with more English Angoras. When I started looking into this a year ago I was really interested in how everyone says these bunnies have a great personality and will basically sit still for grooming. If you haven't experienced this you can't imagine that it could possibly be true. Prior to getting these bunnies I only had experience with mixed, mostly meat, bunnies that are more on the wild side. These guys are nicer than my cat! They are so easy to handle they are a dream. I've read pros and cons to having Angoras as pets and read one dire post about how they take an hour a day to groom and aren't good pets because of the maintenance required. My experience so far is it takes about 5-10 minutes a night to get her coat in good shape after my initial grooming of her the day I brought her home. Most of the websites I've seen recommend grooming once a week. I agree that they take more grooming than the average rabbit, but they are so easy to handle I don't think it is a big deal for a responsible pet owner. I'm so addicted to cuddling with both of these bunnies I find myself wanting to go straight home just so that I can do that.
I have some cute videos but my computer is taking forever to upload them. I'll try again later from another computer. I'll post again soon... I promise... no really... I will...

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