Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cuddlebuns & Bunny Butts

There is nothing cuter than a bunny butt!

Here are tonights adventures:

Wake up!

Just kidding! I wasn't really sleeping.

Here's what happens when you mix dogs and bunnies (bunnies win btw):

This is Minnie Mouse. She goes by Mini because she is Mini Me to Dakota. We rescued her from the local pound. The mix of her two breeds (PINCHI = Chihuahua & Mini Pinscher) have created nearly the perfect dog for us. She is the smallest of our dogs & I always say she thinks she is a Rottweiler. The only thing is that she is terrified of cats (and therefore rabbits). She won't even look at a cat most of the time because if she doesn't acknowledge it's presence then it doesn't exist. She was this way before she came to us, but my husband's really old cat who hides around a corner and picks the dogs off as they come through didn't help. The other day I heard our 80 lb. Golden Retriever whining. When I went to investigate, the 6 lb. cat had her trapped in the bathroom.

Help Me!!! Get this evil little monkey away from me!!


Belle & the Bunny...

Belle thinks everyone is her puppy. She loves babies so much that puppies used to break into our yard just to play with her. That is actually how we got Dakota (that's a long story for another post).

One of the (only) good things about having bad air in Bakersfield is that the sky becomes a beautiful color on a regular basis. I took this the other day on my way home. My other passion is painting & I have been having a lot of fun with painting shadows up against a sunset.

Here is a similar one I did:

More later.

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Lisathemom said...

what cute pics!! My angora bunny, Smokey, loves our cat and bassett hound....funny to watch them play together. Hope you learn lots at the bunny shows - I went to one last year about 3 1/2 hours from me. Lots to learn~~!! My bunny is going to remain a "wooler", I think, unless the show fever really gets going...